Vision Statement:

To build the church as a place of refuge, growth and covenant.

Mission Statement:

To raise men as a SEED, SEED representing stamina, excellence, equipped and dynasty.

Narrative history of the church:

Kingdom Pathway Church is the church arm of Kingdom Pathway Networks Inc. In September 2012, Pastor ’Sola Babalola was commissioned into full time ministry and the church was founded on 31st of October 2011. The first service was held on 7th of November 2011 and since then, the church has been moving on.

The heartbeat of the church is total commitment to making known the glorious majesty of His kingdom to the world. Our mandate is to make known the glorious majesty of God’s kingdom and to demonstrate the manifold wisdom of God.

Narrative biographical sketch of the senior pastor:

Rev. Sola Babalola is the Senior Pastor of Kingdom Pathway Church. He dedicated his life to Christ in 1990 and has been enjoying the commitment of God ever since.

’Sola has two major assignments to the body of Christ:

  • To teach the never-changing word of God in an ever-changing world and
  • To lead others into the presence of God by creating an atmosphere of worship.

In pursuit of these assignments, he runs Kingdom Pathway Networks, an outreach ministry with a divine mandate of “Raising men and women of stature, who will have a vision for life; develop a mission to accomplish the vision; and be driven with passion to follow through.”

In September 2011, he was ordained into full time ministry by God through his father in destiny, Reverend Olusola Areogun (the General Overseer of Living Jesus Ministries, Osogbo. Osun State. Nigeria) after which he started the church arm of his ministry, Kingdom Pathway Church which is presently located at 2748 West Touhy Ave. Chicago IL 60645. In 2013, he was ordained as a Reverend. He holds an MBA and he is a teacher, author and psalmist. He has been pastoring Kingdom Pathway Church since then. He also travels around the USA and across the globe to proclaim the gospel. He is married to Adesola and they are blessed with four beautiful daughters.