We are committed to connecting people to GOD, to the FLOWS of the KINGDOM, to their DESTINY and to their WORLD!


It is through worship that men connect to God. Worship is a major component of every KPC service and event. Join us for our Fathers House celebration service every Sunday from 10AM-12:30PM central time. Weekend of Worship is an annual event purposed to usher you into a new level of intimacy with Christ.  Stay connected for more opportunities to learn and experience the culture of worship that KPC offers.

Prayer is the most important tool in connecting people to spiritual growth. Join us for prophetic discharge every Monday from 5:45AM-6:15AM to start your week off right. Dial 1 8479573776 to join us for prayer. For a copy of our daily devotional or for prayers contact us at info@kingdompathwaychurch.org or call us at +1 773 754 0253.

The Word of God connects men to FAITH and COVENANT. Join us every Thursday from 6:30PM-8:30PM central time at The Place, 2825 W. Touhy, Chicago IL, for sound, biblical, practical teaching for your everyday life.

We can never go wrong with love! Love is God. Love helps us to properly connect with the world around us. Love must be shed abroad in our hearts and we must be driven by it. If you need counseling or if you are interested in connecting with other believers through small groups, contacts us at +1 773 754 0253.

DISCIPLESHIP                                                                                       The true measure of success in ministry is the accuracy of obedience to divine instruction and the transformation of people to the image of Christ. At THE PLACE, we ensure that every member is connected to a father figure and discipled. This is a means to ensure that everyone has help, understanding and instruction as we journey towards the fulfillment of destiny on the earth.