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Spiritual Intelligence Tour (Wisconsin Edition)

Spiritual Intelligence Tour (Wisconsin Edition)


In 2013, the Lord brought to my attention that many people are not coming to the knowledge of Christ because they think Christianity is stupid. God said to me, “Faith in Christ is not stupid. The Christians of your generation are practicing it stupidly…”

If we do not want people to make a mockery of our faith in Christ, meetings like Spiritual Intelligence are highly recommended. What is Spiritual Intelligence, you ask? Let me shed some light on it for you…

In 2018, the Lord impressed upon my heart to do more to bless the body of Christ. I decided to start here, with Spiritual Intelligence, a weekly live video blog I put out sharing God’s message of grace and kingdom living every Tuesday, 8pm (CST).

For 30 minutes every week, Spiritual Intelligence shares the simplicity of the gospel’s truth all over the world by way of social media channels, to help believers lead healthy, balanced Christian lives as they pursue their calling and destiny.

In 2019, I received, another impression- to take Spiritual Intelligence from live video interface to real, live, face to face connection. So, I began traveling, city to city, state to state, sharing Spiritual Intelligence all over the nation. With God’s help, I want to strengthen the believers and the local church in every territory by discussing with them critical spiritual matters according to God’s word so believers can practice their faith and fulfill their calling without ambiguity. We call this, “The Spiritual Intelligence Tour”!

Here is what you can expect from The Spiritual Intelligence Tour:

  • A time of fellowship and networking with other participants
  • Teaching of God’s word
  • Impartation

Thank for your time. For further inquiry,  please don’t hesitate to contact anytime @ revsola@kingdompathway.org

Yours in His service,

Rev. Sola Babalola


September 14


12:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Goodman Community Centre, 149, Waubesa St, Madison, WL 53704
United States

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