Who is the Lord?

Who is the Lord?

Key Texts: Exodus 5 :1-2; Psalm 115:1-2

There will come a time in your life when you question God’s commitment to you. Satan has imps specifically commissioned to shatter your divine destiny. This is why you must proffer answers to the critical questions of life ahead of time. One of the questions you must have the answer to is who your God is. This is important to know in order for you to understand His commitment to your life.  This week, we start a new series: “Who is the Lord”.

The devil will always want to supply you with false knowledge about who God is. We must know him properly if we will be able to stand strong and do exploits. So let’s establish it now. Who is the Lord?

According to Exodus 20:5, He is a very jealous God. He knows that there are forces who want to own the rights to your life without knowing your value. God is your creator. He values the covenant He has made with you.

Exodus 20:2 tells us He is the God who brings His children out of trouble. Anytime He senses you are in trouble, know He has already put things in place to get you out of the situation.  We sing the song, “Way Maker” for this very reason- Jesus is the answer to our problems and gets us out of situations.

Exodus 15:3 tells us God is also, “A Man of War.” You don’t ever have reason to fear. He stretches out His hands to fight for us. His arms are never too short to save us!

Exodus 31:13 establishes for us, that the Lord is God, our sanctifier. He sanctifies us! Remember, He sanctified the sabbath for us. We must commit it to Him. Honor your time with God. He has honored special times and seasons to bless you.

He is the Lord, that does NOT change. In other words, if you see God has done something for someone in the past, He must do it for you too! Satan wants each problem in your life to exalt itself above the other, but God is always great, and the magnitude of your problem will always be superfluous information compared to the steadfast love God has for you. (Malachi 3:6)

He is the Lord who distinguishes us! Exodus 22:24 tells that He makes a difference between those He is in covenant with and everyone else. We will continue with this series next week. Until then, enjoy this week in Jesus!


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