Physical Activity that Provokes Spiritual Activity

Physical Activity that Provokes Spiritual Activity

As Christians, our lives should be different. If you are taking the same time and effort that an unbeliever does to achieve the same results, you are doing something wrong. On this Covenant Day of Possibilities, I want to share with you the physical activities you must engage in to increase spiritual activities that will enhance your life.

First, you must increase your fellowship with God in Word and spirit. Prayer increases the spiritual activities that can happen around you. When you see things happening in your home that are contrary to God’s word for your life, such as sickness, it’s an indicator that natural forces are ruling. Change that dynamic instantly by standing firmly and consistently in the place of prayer. Evaluate your prayer life. Do you need to increase your time in prayer? Do you need to enhance your prayer life? Pray in tongues more! Secondly, ensure that at every opportunity, you confess the word of God. Don’t let the devil have a say! The next thing you must do is increase your time in spiritual portals. Be in God’s presence. Spend time with people who abide in God’s presence. Everything around you is traceable to how you spend your time. Next, you must live consciously of what you expose your spirit man to. Watch what you say. Watch what you hear. Watch your feelings! Keep them in check.

There are avenues you must be conscious of if you want your life to be supernaturally driven. For example, your dreams are not coincidences. Dreams expose you to spiritual things, don’t take them lightly. The Holy Spirit can reveal critical things to you through your dreams if allow Him to lead you. Words also expose you to spiritual things. Mind whose words you allow to penetrate your spirit man. Don’t over, under or misuse your words-They are the strongest weapon Christians carry. In addition to the aforementioned, get more involved in Kingdom affairs and stay involved! Ministry connects you to the glory of God. Take a responsible position in enlarging God’s kingdom and see the benefits of it in your life. Sacrifice is also imperative. Sacrifice by way of fasting, service with the anointed and by obedience to instructions. If you only serve God in convenience, you lose access to the blessings and spiritual assistance that only comes to those who are ready to Sacrifice. Communion is a major way to harness the power of God in your directions. (1Corinthians 10)

Finally, there is the action right attitude you must carry out to ignite the spiritual side of Kingdom life to take over for you. Have compassion. Love others as God loves us- this is a major action step for us as believers. Remember to be expectant! Do you believe? If so, you must operate with expectation and faith in God’s covenant keeping nature. Be conscious of what’s happening around you. Catch a revelation of what you are doing for God so that you can do it more effectively knowing the results it will yield. As you do this, let your desire for the things of God increase. Hunger to serve Him and spend time with Him. Hunger to fulfill your destiny in Him. You must be diligent in the things of God to eradicate ordinary from your life and transcend to God-kind of life. The quality and quantity of time you spend in praying and serving the Lord indicates your faith level and measure of spiritual activity can work for you. The spiritual side of your life in Christ will advance and overtake in Jesus’ mighty name. I commend you to God.


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