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Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers [do not make mismated alliances with them or come under a different yoke with them, inconsistent with your faith]. For what partnership have right living and right standing with God with iniquity and lawlessness? Or how can light have fellowship with darkness?

2 Corinthians 6:14 (Amplified Version)


I woke up this morning thinking about scriptures that have been silenced over the years- scriptures like the one above. It categorically states there should be no unhealthy relationship between a believer and unbeliever. Many believers of our day can't distinguish the difference between the culture of the world and true kingdom culture. They've never actually experienced the difference that true salvation can make in their life. My first challenge to folks in this category is that you ask yourself, are you sure your salvation is genuine?

I also perceive that many believers are afraid of being different. We want to be politically correct. The world has successfully convinced many of us that standing for your righteous belief is hate, and we do not want them to see us proclaiming hate. The truth is that standing for your righteous standard is never an act of hate. If they can be bold to declare their stance in unrighteousness, why should we be afraid to stand for what is right?

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