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Jesus answered and said to him, Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.

John 3:3

I learned this Scripture when I became born again, but lately it seems to be going into extinction. Being born again is a major requirement that determines our interaction with the kingdom of God, both here on the earth and for eternity. Seeing the kingdom of God connotes two things. The first it means enjoying what the kingdom of God has to offer us here on the earth. When an ambassador of a country is sent to another country, the country that sent him has the responsibility to provide every support system that would make him confortable enough to represent the country that sent him. In like manner, the kingdom of God provides support system that only the people that gave their lives to Christ can enjoy.Transiting to the kingdom of God to live eternally. We are living in the days when many people are confused about life after death. The truth remains the same that our existence on this side of eternity is temporal. There is a continuity of life after death. Beloved, it is not just an option for life; it's is a compulsory step to secure our lives. Just like it's a smart move to secure insurance for a new purchased car, it is just a smart move to insure your eternal life by being born and living in the direction stated by the new life in Christ. Please, don't just know the truth, share it and let's make these scriptures popular again.

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