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“Ephraim is joined to idols, Let him alone."

Hosea 4:17

Ephraim was a man with a great prophetic destiny. Not only did he carry that prophecy for himself, he carried it for his entire generation. Prophetic act set him above his brother because it was in his destiny, he must be above and only above. He must always have double portion anywhere he found himself.

But as we all know, the devil doesn’t mind taking his time to ensure that a man's prophecy never comes to fruition. What brought my heart to tremble is that God did not accrue that decision to the account of the devil. The scripture says God said “Ephraim is joined to idol…” (Hosea 4:17a) Now, the question is, who joined him to idol? The truth is that nobody could have joined him to idols without his consent. The devil cannot get you involved with what you do not skulk around.

Beloved, be careful of practices that join you to idols. Such practices involve what you give attention to in hearing and watching. If you listen to music that is not godly, it joins you to the spirit that inspires it. If you watch movies and news that are demonically inspired, they will join you to the spirits that power them. If you condemn the acts of God and disassociate yourself from kingdom practices, you automatically join yourself with spirits that are not from God.

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