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Then God came to Balaam and said, “Who are these men with you?”

Numbers 22:9

Every association brings joining and every joining determines a unique kind of experience. One of the questions that every believer must regularly ask is, “who are these men with me”? Do I know them by the Spirit or by my head? Why are they around? What do they contribute to me and what do I contribute to them? The reason you must ask such questions is that you are automatically joined to whomever is around you. You will soon manifest their spirit and end up like them if their spirit is stronger than yours.

Jonathan had two options: to  join himself with David, whom he knew the fulfillment of his prophecy was attached to or he could have joined himself with his father, who he knew had been rejected by God. As it is with many believers, he allowed emotions to set in and he eventually joined himself to his father. As I made mention last week, the consequence of wrong joining is always tragic and fatal. He suffered the consequence of dying with his father.

I regularly counsel those who are about to make marital decisions from this perspective, because you are not joined to the physical look and achievement of your partner, you are also joined to the spirits that they carry. If they carry wrong spirits and ancestral curse, you are automatically joined to it.

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