My Belief

IMG 20170702 WA0001I believe that Jesus is the way, the truth and life. I strongly believe that no one gets to God and relate with God except through Jesus. I believe that Jesus died, resurrected and was taken up to the heaven, and He is coming back soon to the world as the Bible prophesied. I believe in the Holy Spirit as part of the God-head. I believe He is a personality dwelling in me and other true believers of Jesus as the Chief Executive Officer of the Godhead on the earth.

I believe in the Bible, as the word of God. I believe that every word is divinely inspired by the Lord and not a single word will go unfulfilled.

I believe I’m not an accident on the earth. I believe in destiny as God ordained plan mandated for each person to fulfill. I believe that I’m a destiny-working-on-two-legs; I am a prophecy going somewhere to happen. Not only do I believe in myself, I also believe in you and in your future. I believe that what has happened in the past is not as important as what will happen in the future. 

I believe in relationship as it pertains to the program of God. I believe that many lives are connected to my destiny, so I live my life in the consciousness of it, and I daily take steps in the direction of fulfilling my destiny. I believe that there is a purpose for anyone I have the privilege to meet on my journey on the earth, so I choose to ensure that I make an indelible mark as I make the most of the opportunities that come my way.

I believe in marriage as a relationship that is strictly between a man and a woman. I believe in my relationship with my wife and my children as God’s true love for us. I believe and live in the consciousness that I’m called to raise an “enviable family.”